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Aztec Engineering Company Ltd

Aztec International Ltd. has slimhole logging capabilities to depths in excess of 1500 metres.

The logging system is manufactured by Century Geophysical Corporation located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This system digitizes all the sensor measurements downhole, which minimizes interference from varying wireline cable lengths and other factors that may affect the data.

The interface between the logging tools and the host computer is via a specially developed Multi Protocol Tool Card which fits into any standard ISA slot in the host computer. Visual Compu-Log software to run the log acquisition, log display and processing is installed on the host computer and operates under the Windows 98 environment.

Black and White printouts of the acquired logs are available at the well site upon completion of the log acquisition; colour logs are also available after log processing.

The entire logging system is housed within a commercial van for rapid deployment to the well site. Aztec’s logging tools are capable of recording multiple parameters in a single logging run minimizing rig standby time.

All tools acquire a Natural Gamma log for easy depth correlation between separate logging runs. All measurements are calibrated and can be recorded in engineering units or counts per second.
Aztec's Drilling Rigs

Rig 2: Mayhew 2000 trailer mounted rotary table rig powered by twin GM471 diesels. 60,000lb singles mast, elevated sub-structure, 200 bbl mud system, duplex mud pumps.

Rig 3: Skid or truck mounted Failing 1500 rated to depths of 400 metres. 75 bbl mud system with 5" x 6" duplex mud pump.

Rig 5: Auger drilling machine mounted on 4 x 4 truck. Suitable for continuous flight augers or hollow stem auger drilling, sampling and geotechnical testing.

Rig 9: Trailer or skid mounted Longyear 38 wireline core rig.

Rig 11: Track mounted Ingersoll Rand DM45 hydraulic top drive rig with on board air compressor.

Rig 16: MAIT GEA 500 multi-purpose tracked rig for coring, geotechnical, RC, hollow stem auger, blasthole drilling, mud and air rotary drilling - 8,000kg pullback capacity.
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9057 Tool

Length: 2370mm. Weight: 15 kg.
Diameter: 53mm. Max Pressure: 4000 psi

Response Limits
Natural Gamma
0 - 40,000 API Units
+/- 5%
16” Resistivity (Short Normal)
0 -2,000 W/meters
+/- 5%
64” Resistivity (Long Normal)
0 -2,000 W/meters
+/- 5%
Lateral Resistivity
0 -2,000 W/meters
+/- 5%
Spontaneous Potential (SP)
-400 - +400 mV
+/- 5%
0 - 70 degree Celsius
+/- 5%
Single Point Resistance (SPR)
0 - 2,000 W
+/- 5%
Neutron - Neutron Source
3 Curie Am241Be
0 - 20,000 API Units
X - Y Inclination
0 - 45 degree
+/- 0.5 degree
0 - 360
+/- 2

Notes on the 9057 tool:

1. Electric logs must be run in non-cased, fluid filled boreholes

2. After processing, the x - y inclination and azimuth logs provide a detailed report on the verticality and direction of the borehole.

3. A porosity log is also acquired for a given formation matrix.

9034 Tool

Length: 2997mm. Weight: 28.1 kg.
Diameter: 56mm. Max Pressure: 2500 psi

Response Limits
Natural Gamma
0 - 10,000 API Units
+/- 5%
0 - 400mm
+/- 6mm
High Resolution Density Source
200 mCi Cs137
0.5 - 3.5g/cc
+/- 0.05 g/cc
Guard Resistivity
0 - 40,000 W/meters
+/- 5%

Notes on 9034 tool

1. Tool must be run in open hole.

2. A porosity log is also acquired for a given formation matrix.

In addition to the tools listed above,
Aztec can provide (with advance notice) tools equipped with these sensors:

* Deviation (Gyro, for cased holes)
* Conductivity
* Dipmeter
* Fluid Resistivity
* Micro Resistivity
* Flowmeter (Impeller)
* Flowmeter (Electomagnetic)
*Fluid sampler
* Magnetic Susceptibility
* Spectral Gamma
* Sonic Full Wave
* Acoustic Televiewer
* Casing Collar Locator
* Compensated Density
* X - Y Caliper