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Although our primary business has always been contract drilling, we have added additional services so that we can offer more complete packages. These include seismic surveys, geophysical wireline logging, packer testing, drill stem testing and digitally recorded aquifer tests. We also have an extensive inventory of cementing and grouting equipment for casing installation, remediation, plugging and pressure testing. Water well maintenance and rehabilitation, including supply and installation of automated submersible pump systems are part of our regular services.

mineral exploration drilling

Aztec Engineering undertake all types of drilling - mud rotary, RAB, RC, DTH, auger, wireline coring and cathodic protection groundbeds. In addition to this, our associated company, Aztec International, operates in the petroleum sector with drilling and workover rigs.

Water well work is primarily for commercial and industrial enterprises. Many wells to depths of 600 metres have been completed in the Bangkok area. (See Downloads page)

Most of our drilling work has been performed in Southeast Asia but our consulting work has taken us all over the globe.

all weather test pumping

One of our primary lines of business is performing aquifer tests. We have built our testing units into insulated containers so we can operate in climates from the Arctic to Africa. Electric submersible pumps are speed controlled using variable frequency drives. Flow rates and drawdown data in multiple wells are monitored and recorded in real time. (See Downloads page for more info). Data collected is analyzed using AquiferTest Pro software.

We have several options for downhole geophysical logging. Through an affiliation with Groundsearch Australia we can perform a full range of open and cased hole services using Century Geophysical equipment, including nuclear tools where permitted. We also have an in-house Robertson Geologging system for electric, gamma, sonic and downhole flowmeter logs.

Any type of geotechnical or hydrogeological testing using downhole inflatable packers is another one of our core services. Open hole deviation/directional surveys are also available. 

low environmental impact seismic

We can perform shallow (<1000 metres) high resolution land seismic surveys anywhere in the world.

Non-explosive energy source and man portable equipment mean that surveys can be conducted anywhere with minimal environmental impact. Processing is performed by Velseis Australia and turn-arounds for processed data can be be as fast as 24 hours after acquisition.

Primary targets are shallow oil and gas and we also have extensive experience in coal and potash exploration.

water well maintenance and service
Well Service & Maintenance

Whether scheduled maintenance or emergency callout, we will do whatever it takes to minimise well downtime. A normal planned maintenance would include:

  • Remove pump

  • Run CCTV survey to identify problems

  • Airlift sand from bottom of well (if required)

  • Make any repairs necessary

  • Re-develop well (if required)

  • Service pump and reinstall

(See here for more information)

Installing computer based systems to control variable speed drives wirelessly is a speciality and we often convert existing manual control systems. (See presentation for more info)

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